You almost lost me at the end of your first sentence, but your second sentence was spot on. I’ve been preaching that for years now. I know the kids who want to be cops. They were the ones who barely made it through my high school. They were the ones with anger towards anybody who didn’t look like them. They then will be the ones who go through poor training — I was reading that Ireland’s police training lasts 3 years while that of the USA lasts 19 months. Ultimately, they will make the same choices they made in high school, but this time they will be bearing lethal weapons — I don’t know why every cop needs a gun; a traffic stop does not require fire arms.

But Why Are We Outraged About Black Murders?

Sure, we are helplessly saddened by the loss of a life in our communities. Sure, we extend our best to the families that will never be whole again. Sure, all of that frustrates us. But that’s not the end of why we are outraged.

We are outraged when a person of color (POC) is murdered by a cop because in many cases the cop will walk free while the court slanders the name of the diseased. In cases where a white American is unjustly murdered, justice is more readily delivered. But that’s not it. POC account for 13% of the USA population but the percentage at which we are murdered by police far outnumbers that of any other race, especially whites.

Why is That?

Systemic racism.

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