Wow, that was something.

Well, I do thank you for reading and taking the time to respond. I have exhausted my energy in regurgitating the facts of the matter to people with similar views as yourself, so I have made it my own personal policy to no longer spend my extremely limited time trying to layout the facts that you choose to either ignore or twist.

The only thing I will leave you with is this simple mathematical exercise:

Nobody in their right mind is fighting for equality when it comes to matters of police brutality or murder of citizens who were to be innocent until proven guilty, nor are we fighting for equality in representation in STEM fields such as tech. Instead, the real battle is for equity. If there are 80(80%) white people in a city and 20 (20%) black people, it would not make any sense that 5 black people are killed by police while only 10 white people are killed by police for a total of 15 people. That would mean that while the black people in this city only account for 20% of the population, they account of 33% of death by police. That’s disproportional and is the root of the problem and the BLM movement.

The same goes for diversity in tech: if black people account for more than 13% of the USA population and are graduating thousands of qualified software engineer, computer science, and related majors each year, why is it that they only account for less than 5% of the workforce at most of the notable top paying companies?

The issue isn’t equality: the issue is equity and proportionality. If you can’t see that and/or don’t want reconcile it, you should do everyone a favor and stay out of the conversation because while having the conversation is the way forward, having it with people who dismiss facts and numbers hold us back from progress.

The great thing about the future is it has a tends to correct the mistakes of the past.

So no, my statements are far from “unsubstantiated”, and if you want to read the substance, you can start with why I started a scholarship to help minorities students succeed in STEM:

And as to me being sensitive? Hell yeah I’m sensitive. I just lost 40% of my bonus and part of that will go to pay the salaries of police that disproportionately target people who look like me and hold guns to high school students who went on to graduate as computer science B.S. and computer engineering B.S.:

I pay taxes, just like everyone else (or those who pay) and deserve to be served and protected, not disproportionately harassed and threatened.

This is where I stop as I have spent five minutes on this response and that is more than I wished to.


Try not to tell people how they should feel about their experience with with cops especially when you do not know them, and try not to tell people that their experience with a system they have factual reason to believe is stacked against them is a matter of over sensitivity without substance. It doesn’t do well for your grasp for credibility.

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