The way you’ve handle this situation has been incredibly aggressive even though you didn’t even have all of the facts.

Yes it is reasonable to let users delete their account, but we have not built that yet. For now, we are more than happy to delete accounts of people who don’t want to use our services. We just expect people to be polite, not hostile.

I already told you that we don’t create a profile for each website. Just like when you create a Google Account, you can use that same account at every website that they own, that’s how PenName works. If you log into any of our websites, which we make very clear what they are, you can use your single account across all of them. We are not the first to do this, and there’s actually an entire widely used protocol for it; it’s called Single Sign On, or SSO. I suggest you look it up so that you are not caught by surprise when you use Facebook Messenger with your Facebook Account or YouTube with your Google Account.

Nobody is trying to trick you into using their service. I built this service to be of value to people who are interested. The least you can do is not be hostile because you don’t understand how a key part of the internet works (and I say that as kindly as I can without the fluff).

I hope this clears things up for you.

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