Thanks for reading and responding, Priya.

Up until the 4th case, I clearly consider alternative reasoning for why I was not accepted by the host. I gave each one the benefit of the doubt and put the blame on myself for reasons the reader before you strangely repeated as if he did not read those parts of each case. So to say it again, of course I considered the perspective of each host when interacting with them and thought of what I could do better. That was a huge point in the article: how can I improve the wording of my request to be better received by hosts.

A little note about the whole “hooker” nonsense — indeed that is what I see it as — the previous reader suggested:

With that, I will not touch on it any further.

To answer your question about reviews, sure they definitely matter to hosts and guests. I’m sure it played a role in my subsequent successes, but I also believe me sending along the same request message as I did in my 5th request played a large part. And let me be clear: all of the hosts mentioned in my article are not white, so I am not saying this is a “white host versus black guest” issue, although it is easy to argue that it is since white hosts will more often than not have the more favorable place to stay in for systemic reasons that are outside the scope of this discussion.

Instant book definitely solves, or aids in solving, the need for a first time guest to have existing reviews before being accepted.

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