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Thanks for explaining. Let me start by clarifying that SMedian is in no way affiliated with A Medium Corporation.

Medium is a writing platform and so I agree that it’s foremost goal should be to improve the writing and reading experience. But in the end, everything online comes from somebody and some company. Each of those entities must make money to keep things running smoothly. If the people writing the content aren’t making money, they won’t be able to pay the bills and continue writing. If the company that enables the writers to write doesn’t make money, the product will eventually be gone with the winds. Now, one way to make money through writing is called content marketing. You write for free to provide insight to readers. By doing that, if readers like your work, you will be able to offer them more work from you in the form of another product you have or yourself as a contract worker in order to make money as a writer. This is why you see writers instinctively adding a “About the Writer”, “Contact Me”, “Learn More”, or “Get My Free E-Book” blurb at the end of their articles. This has been done for as long as the internet has existed and on platforms for writing. It just makes sense.

Unfortunately, what these writers are doing is hacking a system in order to achieve their goals of making a profit from their hard work. They aren’t plastering their work with ugly ads and putting “PURCHASE NOW” links everywhere. They simply want to be able to let their readers follow them outside of Medium. I started this article with a picture of an established writer trying to do exactly that in order to show that people really want a way to add a “About the Author” blurb with links to their outside work. That is the simple goal of this feature and I insist that it will not take away from the reading experience here on Medium. Instead, I am confident that it will help writers write more efficiently as they will be able to focus on their content and easily paste in their embed link in order to add their external links to their relevant/related work.

But as with anything, the market will decide whether or not people think such features take away from the writing or reading experience here on Medium.

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