Honey, please take the boy down town to familiarize him with nature.

You think he’s ready to learn about that?

Of course. Take him down the street and start with the fruits.

Okay. Come, son. Let’s go … Look, son. That there is an apple tree. You plant the seeds and, in time, the tree rises from the ground and bares low-hanging apples. When they are ready, we pick them to use for food to sustain ourselves. Some of them, the darker ones, are bad. We don’t eat those. Say “apple”.

Ap-ple. Apple!

Great job, son.

That there is an orange tree. Say “orange”.

Or-ange. Orange!

Good job!

Look mom, look. What are those? What kind of tree is that?

Oh, that’s a walnut tree, honey.

Wal-nut. Walnut!

No, honey. Those are not walnuts hanging from it …

What are they, mom? Where do they come from?

They rose from the seeds their parents planted in Africa. When we were ready, we picked them, brought them home and used them to sustain ourselves.

Okay, mom. What are they called?

Negros. But we say nigger. Say “nigger”.

Ni-gger. Nigger!

Good job, son. You’re daddy will be proud.

Written by

Creating more winners in writing @Penname.me | Author @JavaForHumans | Created Smedian.com | Ex: Founder & Editor in Chief @MarkGrowth (acq.)

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