On Not Skipping Life: Have A Plan

Hi Life Skipper, first off, please do not skip life. It is a wonderful thing we have. I appreciate you reading and responding, as I do all of my readers. To answer your questions, which by the end of your response seemed to be compressible into one larger question, I must first assume it is as follows:

Lincoln, why are you so fond of striving to work for another man all of your life when you could follow your own dreams?

To that, I say a man without a plan is a man who has bought into the concept of hope. That may be good or bad depending on your view of the world. For me, I have a plan. It may not appear as though the following is true by the way my article reads, but I am not fond of working for another man until I die. I have things I plan to accomplish. All that I do today is a stepping stone to my end goal.

My passion is in developing software to enable people to accomplish their goals more efficiently.

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