On Infrequent SuperMeditor Notifications & Being Buried at the Bottom of the Feed

I present the SuperMeditor Chrome extension and the search functionality as respective solutions. Also, sharing your vanity url.

Hey Mateja! Thanks for reading and reaching out. I always like to hear feedback, and it is great to finally hear negative feedback. That means the tool has room to grow in satisfying and being useful to users.

Before I begin my response, I want to make it clear that I would love to hear some of your ideas on how SuperMeditor could work better for you.

The reason for creating SuperMeditor (SM) was to help editors and writers find one another without exchanging email. I also wanted to lessen the amount of email you, an editor, receives, and for that reason, email notifications are sent from SM only once a week.

SuperMeditor Chrome Extension

Then I realized people may want to know whenever they receive new requests from writers. At the same time, I realized that there should be a more streamlined way to manage your requests. With all of that, I decided an SM Chrome extension would be in order for editors.

Now you can act on all of your requests from writers from your publication’s settings page in Medium. Also, you can view your publication’s SuperMeditor status and growth right from your publication’s homepage on Medium.

SuperMeditor Search

Realizing SM was growing fast, I noticed that the problem of some publications being buried at the bottom of the list would soon arise. I also also knew I wanted a way for visitors to easily find the publications they were looking for or to discover new publications through keywords. For that reason, I quickly added a simple search functionality to SM. Now visitors can search by keywords against the name, description, and url of publications advertised on SuperMeditor.

As counterexamples to your suggestion that being at the bottom of the feed restricts your ability to be seen by visitors, I must say that my own publication, Mark Growth, which is buried below about 75% of the publications on SM has the most requests at 130 with The Writing Cooperative, which is 4th from the very bottom of the feed, coming in second at 90 requests.

Finally, I believe that people enjoy scrolling and actually have developed a sort of unconcious addiction to it. People have grown accustomed to discovering new information by simply scrolling further down a seemingly bottomless feed. For this reason, I do not believe scrolling is entirely at fault. Nonetheless, it can definitely be better and I’ll work on figuring better ways to help people discover publications like your own which may be too far down to scroll to.

Share Your Vanity Url

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One thing that The Writing Cooperative does very well is sharing their presence on SM. They do this by letting people know they can be found on SuperMeditor by visiting SMetor.com/writing-cooperative. This helps them grow faster through SuperMeditor. Here’s yours: SuperMeditor.com/the-rabbit-is-in or SMetor.com/the-rabbit-is-in. If you want a custom one that is even shorter, such as SMetor.com/rabbit, let me know and I’ll add it so long as it doesn’t conflict with another publication’s slug.

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I do hope my suggestions help you better leverage SuperMeditor. However, I do plan to make it more useful for you and others who may be facing similar obstacles. I will be able to improve the platform better if I hear more suggestions from the community. I would love to hear some of your ideas on how SuperMeditor could work better for you. I’ve built a forum to hear from you: SuperMeditor forum.

One thing I may do is switch up the sort order and give visitors the ability to switch between sorting my recency, by name, or by popularity. I’ll be thinking about this. Please let me know whether or not you think that’ll help.

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Creating more winners in writing @Penname.me | Author @JavaForHumans | Created Smedian.com | Ex: Founder & Editor in Chief @MarkGrowth (acq.)

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