Introducing Tweet Crafter Extension

Automatically generate the perfect tweet for any link.

We’re on a mission to give writers the tools necessary to effectively reach and engage their audience. Part of any great marketing strategy is getting your content to your Twitter audience in a clear and targeted manner. That means including the correct link, title, and hashtags in every tweet.

⌛However, that can be time consuming and exhausting to do every time you want to tweet a link to your article. That’s why we created Tweet Crafter, an extension of our automated tweet scheduling service, Signal.

🔑 A popular feature of Signal is that it suggests the perfect tweet for every link you want to schedule a tweet for. We’ve taken that feature and put it into this Chrome extension and are releasing free for everyone to use.

✨How to use

  1. Add the Chrome extension to your browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Paste a link to any of your articles or any website
  4. Copy the suggested tweet and paste it in the form
  5. Click the “Tweet” button to send your perfect tweet.

Then repeat steps 2 through 5 whenever you want to share a link.

If you have any questions or feedback, please comment here.

An earlier version of this blog update originally appear in the Penname community.

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