I, the creator of SMedian, would like to weigh in on this one. I hope I can help you better understand SMedian and why you should give it a try for yourself.

SMedian (formerly SuperMeditor) is a platform that helps writers and editors connect more easily. As with any platform, your ultimate success depends on you. The platform is only there to facilitate communication.

Mateja Klaric is correct that SMedian only sends out notifications once a week, but there’s so much omitted in that statement. The editors that use SMedian correctly know that it only notifies by email one a week and for good and communicated reason — to avoid the problem of editors being overwhelmed by emails. Knowing that, editors check their dashboard often at SMedian.com. Many, if not most, editors are also aware of and use the SMedian Chrome extension that delivers requests from writers to their publication here on Medium in real-time. Those editors, including the editors of The Writing cooperative who have added over 500 new writers directly through SMedian, succeed in their quest for more writers. My own publication has added over 400 writers through SMedian. The acceptance rate on SMedian is pretty darn high and I’ll make these stats public once I automate it.

The only complaint the platform has ever received is from Mateja because it apparently did not work out for her. But that’s fine, she found something else that works for her. But just because it doesn’t work for her, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Ill finish by pointing out that if it wasn’t working for editors and writers, it wouldn’t have thousands of visits each week along with requests from writers to editors.

With nearly 275 publications (including many of the top 100) and 2000 writers being promoted on the platform, I would say it’s worth giving it a shot and seeing if it works for you. If it doesn’t, I am always listening to users to learn what went wrong for them and how I can make the platform more rewarding.

As with any platform, in the end you will only succeed if you understand the platform and use it well and strategically.

If you haven’t tried SMedian yet, I would love you to try it. If it works for you after a couple weeks, or if you completely hate it, I’d appreciate any constructive feedback.

Thanks for you time.

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Creating more winners in writing @Penname.me | Author @JavaForHumans | Created Smedian.com | Ex: Founder & Editor in Chief @MarkGrowth (acq.)

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