I don’t know if I’ve ever highlighted so much of a single article on Medium. Thank you for being an ally, Mark.

As you know and indirectly stated in at the end of your article, the problem of encouraged police brutality isn’t isolated and it is part of a larger problem of second, perhaps third, class citizenship for black Americans. One of the encapsulated issues is the circulation, or isolation, of wealth in this country. Without money, your voice and concerns aren’t heard in this country. My direct concern is the tech industry, which is one of the fastest growing at this time, and more specifically the venture capitalist’s implicit or explicit bias against black entrepreneurs. From my experience and research on the matter, blacks are not treated equally on that front either and I believe if we can’t solve the problem of money isolation, we’ll have a tough time solving any other problem.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the connection of money and the resolution of this systemic issue?

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