Hey Matt, thank you for reading and reaching out. Thank you for your service.

I am glad you understand there is a problem and that its roots are deeper than they appear. I am a strong believer in that every issue we have as a people is connected in one way or another, so I agree with you on the necessity of our leaders exploring and solving the problems that lead to police shooting and killing citizens.

If your students see that you care, I doubt that they see you as a part of the “they” who are trying to hold them back from making it in this life. If you are one of the many cops who conducted themselves respectfully and honored the badge and the citizens who you were sworn to serve and protect, thank you for being one of the good guys.

However, a good guy is only as good as the bad guy if he observes the bad guy doing wrong and fails to step in. With that said, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on why the good cops don’t seem to step in and stop the brutality towards citizens by their fellow officers. Further, what do you think is the root of police brutality and excessive force. I think it’s in large part due to a lack of proper training and a detachment from the real job of a law enforcer: you hear many officers say, “My job is to make sure I get home,” when in reality, the duty of an officer is to do what it takes to protect the citizens while properly mitigating in risk of the loss of everyone’s life.

You thoughts?

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