Here’s a black woman’s view of all of this. I highly suggest you try it out instead of sticking to just listening to white people in a conversation about a black person’s freedom to live a life in pursuit of happiness in this country.

It came up next to your article. Here’s the tangible gain Kap has made, since you asked:

“This is quite an important moment. America is in the middle of a propaganda war, and Kaepernick’s team just got the best marketers in the world onside. (Whatever you think of Nike, its ad creative has been consistently stellar for over 30 years.) People do what they’re told, but they have to be told. And the right person has to do the telling. For all the shouting about Flags and Anthems and Jesus, America’s true religion is Capitalism, and Nike is one of its highest deities. America is being told by one of its gods what to do, and Nike knows it will be obeyed. The people who get to pick the winners have chosen Kaepernick, and there’s not a damn thing his detractors can do about it.”

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