Okay, they said this is the new thing, so I’m trying it.

Will this be here to stay? No one can tell.

Will this replace Twitter? That’s probably not the…

Exclusive Interview With Tattooed Chef CFO Chuck Cargile — $TTCF

During the time when we were voting on the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger deadline extension for Forum Merger II Corporation ($FMCI) and Tattooed Chef, I reached out to their investor relations team to ask for an interview with the FMCI team. David Boris, one of the two sponsors of the SPAC responded and said he would be happy to do an interview after the merger was complete.

Watch the video of the interview here.

After the completion of the merger, I reached back out to the investor relations team with my credentials, and got a delightful surprise response from Rachel Perkins, the investor relations officer at Tattooed Chef. …

A Survey of Interest in a Damning Story

I have a long story to tell but I want to know if Medium writers care enough about their loss revenue and distribution due to the direct actions of Medium’s product, brand and legal teams. While other platforms work hard and do whatever they can to maximize both the revenue and distribution of content on their platform and around the internet, Medium’s team has been in correspondence with me and made it clear that they are deliberately acting against the best interests of writers in a desperate play for the maximization of their “brand”.

I have receipts and would be willing to share, as I alerted the team earlier this year, but only if enough of the affected parties care. I will eventually share this information regardless, but what’s in question is timing. …

Chargepoint is the ultimate pickaxe that enables the electric vehicle gold rush. I’ve acquired over 2,190 shares at an average cost of $14.40. Today, I want to share my analysis of this electric charging station hardware and software provider.

Before we get into the opportunity of Chargepoint, let me tell you a story that will clarify the value of this company.

There’s a saying in the startup world that “you can mine for gold or you can sell pickaxes.”

During the California Gold Rush, some of the most successful business people such as Levi Strauss and Samuel Brannan didn’t mine for gold themselves. …

The Goal of Wealth is the Goal of Self

Think about yourself.

What is the goal of self?

The goal of self is to build self.

You can watch the video version of this article here.

You work hard to build yourself up.

Along the way to you might sell some of your time, but that’s only a means to an end.

The end is to increasingly and continuously build yourself up.

You may have a goal for how much you want to build yourself up. Once you reach that goal, you may decide you just want to rest.

At that point, your goal is not too lose or sell yourself. Your goal is to maintain yourself in your retirement. …

You need to understand what private investments in public equities are.

In this video, we discuss what PIPE deals are, who participates in them, and how they can affect the value of your shares as an investor in public equities, stocks.

What are PIPE Deals?

“Private investment in public equity deal (PIPE Deal) refers to the practice of private investors buying a publicly-traded stock at a price below the current price available to the public. Mutual funds and other large institutional investors can strike deals to buy large chunks of stock at a preferred price.” — Investopedia

Why do companies initiate PIPE Deals?

A company may initiate a PIPE deal to raise funds more quickly and easily than they can through other avenues such as the stock market. If the company is small and its stock is unpopular on the public markets, their best option might be to do a PIPE deal. …

If you’re on Robinhood, you should watch this video all the way through. If you’re on other brokerages, this applies to you, too, but this video focuses on Robinhood.

In this video, we will walk through the steps you need to take right now to secure your account from theft.

Robinhood is seeing a rapid surge in its user growth this year. That’s a good thing because it means more regular people are investing into their future wealth. However, as anything grows, it gets more attention from bad actors looking to make a quick buck. Those bad actors include the scammers who promise you quick returns if you buy their day trading course. But the bad actors get worse. …

We’ve covered the IPO process on this channel in a previous video, now, I want to talk about a trend that’s apart of this process, a practice / trend that, as a normal business practice, cheats companies out of great amounts of funds. This trend is referred to as the IPO “pop”.

In this video, we discuss how an IPO pop affects a company on its IPO day.


Historically, IPOs tend to pop, go up in stock price on the first day of trading, meaning that they were underpriced relative to what the market is actually willing to pay for the company’s stock. …

Recently, SPACs, special purpose acquisition companies, have dramatically increased in popularity, especially among retail investors. Unfortunately, this means there is hype because there’s a lot of money to be earned by anyone who can launch a SPAC and find a company to acquire. We retail investors have to be cautious of these SPAC sponsors who are unqualified for the task at hand and are only in it to collect their millions of dollars in Founder Fees.

In this video, I share with you my framework for qualifying a SPAC deal and its sponsors before I decide to invest in one for the long term. …


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